Registration for 2013 is now open!


YA looks forward to another great year in 2013! YA Setiawangsa enrollment is now open for 4,5,6 year olds. The class numbers will be smaller (10 children per group, only 2 groups max per level) as we try to have more individual time with each child to ensure better progress overall. 2 & 3 year old playgroup will be available at our new centre – Taska Sutera Ilmu, Lembah Keramat. Please make an appointment to enrol your child for 2013.

Thank you.

Teacher Yasmin.


Bengkel Baligh (Perempuan), 7 Oktober 2012

Bengkel ini terbuka untuk anak-anak PEREMPUAN berumur 10 hingga 12 tahun. Isu-isu yang bersangkutan khususnya pendidikan seks akan dibincangkan secara lebih menyeluruh dan merangkumi aspek fizikal dan spiritual. Kehadiran ibu sebagai pemerhati juga digalakkan bagi memupuk suatu hubungan yang sangat istimewa antara ibu dan anak kerana perkongsian ilmu yang begitu suci tetapi sukar dibincangkan ini merupakan titik permulaan untuk memulakan perbincangan terbuka dan menjalinkan hubungan yang mesra antara ibu dan anak.
1. Memberi maklumat kepada anak-anak perempuan mengenai isu-isu penting berhubung proses baligh dan pendidikan seks dari perspektif sains dan agama.
2. Menyedarkan anak-anak perempuan tentang tanggungjawab agama setelah baligh.
3. Memberi kesedaran kepada anak-anak perempuan tentang penderaan seks.
4. Memberi kesedaran kepada anak -anak perempuan tentang isu perhubungan lelaki dan perempuan berlandaskan syariat Islam.
5. Membuka jalan kepada para ibu untuk berbincang isu-isu berhubung pendidikan seks secara terbuka dan ikhlas dengan anak-anak perempuan mereka pada masa akan datang.

Sukarelawan Khalifah Youth Circle (KYC) yang terlatih

Sila hubungi kami untuk maklumat lanjut dan pendaftaran.

Terima kasih.

Baby Center Now Open!

Taska Sutera Ilmu

Assalamualaikum parents,

Our brand new Taska Sutera Ilmu is finally ready for enrollment! The center offers professional care for babies from 2 to 24 months. There will also be playgroups for 2 and 3 year olds. Learning is facilitated through PLAY and we aim to make it a safe and happy place for babies, toddlers and young children.

For more information and the latest updates, do contact us or check out our Taska Sutera Ilmu FB page.

See you there!

Baby daycare center opening soon!

We at Young Ambassadors are happy to announce that our baby daycare center, YA Baby House, is progressing well and expected to be opening its doors this coming July. Spaces are limited to 8 babies at the moment. Pre-registration forms for babies 4 – 10 months will be ready by mid June. Toddlers 1 – 3 years are also welcome.

Thank you to all whom have encouraged, supported and prayed for the success of this latest project dear to our hearts. 🙂 

Holiday Program (May 28 – June 8)


Young Ambassadors will be organizing a holiday program for children (3 – 12 yrs). Among the activities planned:

  • English Grammar
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Drama & Story Telling 
  • Science & Cooking
  • Trip to the National Zoo

The program is open to YA students, YA daycare kids, as well as the public. For more information, do contact us!


We are hiring! Come join our teaching staff :-)


Young Ambassadors is looking for

1. Fun, loving, creative and dedicated teachers for our early years level (2-4 years), and kindy level (4 – 6 years). Training benefits of up to RM5000 to complete diploma studies.

2. Coordinator and principal positions in Setiawangs and Keramat areas. Must have minimum diploma in early childhood/Montessori/teaching with minimum of 5 years experience. Good pay and benefits, Insyallah.

Do email to Thank you!

Bengkel Aqil Baligh

Bengkel Aqil Baligh

Registration for 2012 is now open!

Salam to all!

Starting Monday 3rd Oct 2011, registration for year 2012 is opened to the public. We have updated the PROGRAMS page to highlight all the exciting new programs and classes for next year. To see what we have been up to so far, do view our new GALLERY.

Intake for all ages are almost full, and registration is on first come, first served basis. For prospective parents, you are most welcome to drop by our premises and talk to us; just contact us for an appointment.

Thank you for your trust and support, and we look forward to having your child join us next year. 🙂


Update from the Ministry of Education


Kementerian Pelajaran telah meluluskan program 4 tahun di Malaysia sebagai tahap tadika. Tae kwan do, kelas renang, Fardhu Ain, Mengaji dan B.Melayu yang selalunya bermula pada kelas 5 tahun, akan mula diterapkan di program 4 tahun mulai tahun depan. Ibu bapa amat digalakkan menghantar anak ke tadika pada peringkat umur 4 tahun.

Harap maklum.


New branches

Salam to all.

Alhamdulillah syukur, I am happy to announce the opening of our Kajang branch for 2012. It has a similar program to our current Setiawangsa branch. It is situated in Saujana Impian, opposite the Kajang Tesco. Please make dua that we will be well received and will be able to expand our services for children and families in that area.

Insyallah, we have also secured a new premise for our BABY CRECHE and TODDLER HOUSE in Lembah Keramat which will hopefully open its doors mid of 2012. Again, please make dua that we will be able to carry it out successfully.

For further details, do visit our Facebook page or contact us.

Thank you. May Allah SWT bless you and keep your families safe.

T. Yasmin.